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Tims patent technology products "xiaochubao water heater liner automatic coating line" smooth delivery
Time: 2020-12-31   Hits: 171 
Since our company and Haier Group's Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone Haier water heater Co., Ltd. reached the purchase contract of xiaochubao automatic enamelling machine equipment, our company quickly established a core technology project team, The project of any one of the program, structure, production details layer upon layer control, xiaochubao automatic enamelling machine equipment was repeated debugging and optimization, without a trace of slack.
With the unremitting efforts of the company's R & D, technology and production personnel, the patented product "xiaochubao automatic enamelling machine" has been debugged to the best state in the factory. Together with other project equipment, and officially loaded and shipped together with other project equipment.

Trial operation of xiaochubao automatic enamelling machine in the factory

Detail protection of key parts should also be put in place

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