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Our Company Contracted GEELY Automobile Assembly Plant of Dynamic Synthetic Line and Automatic Cache Area Project
Time: 2016-6-15   Hits: 1098 
  June 1,2016,our company received the bid winning notice of Zhejiang GEELY Automobile Co., Ltd., so far, our company successfully won the bid in GEELY automobile assembly plant of dynamic synthetic line and automatic cache area project by virtue of the comprehensive strength strong, advanced technical plan, reasonable prices and other advantages. 
  Dynamic synthetic line and Automatic Cache Area of assembly plant: Lifting mechanism of power synthetic line use novel rigid chain and scissors fork lift platform,to achieve high safety factor, quiet and smooth operation, equipment maintenance simple and easy.Buffer delivery system use speed delivery form, simple and reliable.Seamless connection between cache area and power synthesis line, the whole set of equipment is divided into three modes: manual, automatic, and assembly.
  The design, manufacture, installation and selection of the whole dynamic synthetic line and storage area transportation equipment are based on the requirements of equipment maintenance, equipment management, production rhythm, logistics, and mechanical transmission equipment,and it comply with the relevant national standards, regulations and environmental protection requirements. It ensures that the process parameter control is accurate, the adjustment is convenient, the process equipment and the mechanical transmission equipment operate safely, stably, reliably. And it ensures production of continuous and product quality.

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