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Warmly celebrate our company successfully passed the appraisal
Time: 2015-12-26   Hits: 1776 

    On December 22, 2015, China Light Industry Council and Shenzhen Tims Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan Tims Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Haier Co., Ltd. joint declaration of the "Spray pickling drying enameling firing intelligent production system for water heater" project of scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting was successfully held in Beijing. The scientific and technological achievement have been unanimously approved by the appraisal committee, and have given a high degree of evaluation.

    The meeting chaired by China Light Industry Council, director of Zhu Yeyun, deputy director of China Light Industry Council Liu Jingjing, general manager of our company Zhu Haixiao and 8 experts from the industry to attend the meeting . The meeting unanimously elected Jiang Weizhong, director of the national glass enamel Inspection Center and a professor at Donghua University, as chairman of the appraisal committee, Zhang Ming, vice president of the China Enamel Industry Association, was the vice chairman of the Committee.

     At the meeting, the appraisal committee reviewed the technical information, listened to the details of our project group report, including the work of project research report, technical reports, technical detection reports, product performance, technical parameters, user usage, novelty search report and the economic and social benefits. And watch a video of the device, ask some questions related to doubt the achievement of science and technology, Then our general manager Mr. Zhu Haixiao and the project engineer Mr. Feng Liang answered, certifying commission agreed that:  the project achieves intelligent for water heater production process, improve production efficiency and product quality; the project has a high degree of automation, informationization and intelligentize, it has mature technology and significant economic and social benefits; the project has innovation and promote technical progress of enamel industry; this project is advanced in technology, which is originated in China.

    The "Spray pickling drying enameling firing intelligent production system for water heater" project of scientific and technological achievement smoothly through the identification, marking the core technology of our company get recognized by industry experts. In the future, we will continue to work hard to accelerate the pace of research, To make the project more standardized and systematic, through scientific research to achieve the rapid development of technology and products, and better service to customers; to promote China's porcelain enamel equipment automation, intelligent, information technology and Industrie4.0, to make greater contributions for MadeinChina2025!


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