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Our Company Successful Released the Technology Exchange Seminar of "Development and Application of Automation, Intelligent, Information Technology in Enamel Industry"
Time: 2015-12-2   Hits: 1661 

     China Enamel Industry Association for the two session of the Seven meeting of the board of directors was held in Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province on November 18, 2015. There were more than eighty enamel industry well-known companies and one hundred and forty people attended the meeting. Our company's chairman, Mr. Zhu Haixiao, attended the meeting.
     Mr. Zhu Haixiao, chairman of our company, delivered a lecture at the meeting about ¡°Development and application of automation, intelligent, information technology in enamel industry¡±. Through the PPT file, interspersed with successful cases of photos, video and animation, described the industrial 4.0 and the Internet in the application and development trend of ceramic industry. The contents of this lecture is rich, the theme discussed is novelty,  causing a strong reaction from the personages of various circles of industry. After the meeting, the people from all walks of life have been in contact with us to negotiate. During the meeting, the Chinese enamel industry association leaders and Mr. Zhu Haixiao conducted in-depth exchanges, to explore the development direction of enamel industry automation, intelligent, information equipment . Association leaders gave a high evaluation of the company's automation equipment, he wish our company to continue to make a contribution to the industry automation equipment. Our company will be to "innovation every day, to seek perfection" the spirit of enterprise to make persistent efforts, for ceramic industry automation equipment to make greater efforts.

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